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Nikos Vandoros, Nikolas Kanavaris, Katerina Protonotariou, Rania Makrygianni & Valia Dounavi

A surrealistic, over the top game of Survival (although players are supposed to already be dead)


So you are dead… Bad for you. But no worries, you are really lucky! Charon woke up on the good side of the bed today so he may consider sending you back to the world of the living. Can you survive Purgatory?

Purgatory is a dark comedy game played during day or nighttime, inside a well-defined urban area (for our sessions we chose to play during the evening at Pedion tou Areos). Players are people who have died and are now trapped inside Purgatory.

In order to escape they need to survive and find the correct sequence of events that triggers the box containing the immortal water to open. If they fail, Charon literally sends them to Hell (or not, it depends on their ante mortem deeds, Charon doesn’t care and neither does this game)!

Trust in Play is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


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