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TiP YearZine Class of 2020

Tuesday, 1st of February 2022, Maria Saridaki

When the pandemic happened, we got worried about how we can document the various TiP processes, online, offline, and hybrid moments of change. A way to celebrate our resilience, failures and successes. We decided to go old-school and create a playful e-zine, a yearzine as every school should have and send it as a surprise […]

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Solstice’s Games Party

Thursday, 18th of June 2020, Maria Saridaki

We invite you to join our Nomadic Branch Solstice‚Äôs Games Party: maybe the longest zoom call you have ever attended, a 10-hour marathon with multiple locations (yes, you will be taken to places) that kicks off at 3 PM CET (Berlin/Belgrade/Warsaw), and ends in the middle of the shortest night of the year. Participation is […]

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TiP Quarantine Jam #1

Sunday, 12th of April 2020, Sebastian Quack

On Tuesday, March 24, Trust in Play hosted an online game jam to keep our creative juices running, get together and explore how to make the best out of some of the new realities of Coronaworld. Around 25 participants connected via zoom, formed teams to work in smaller groups, assembling at the half way point […]

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