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Trust in Play supports emerging professionals in the field of urban game design, mentoring them to build a sustainable practice and playfully exploring new relationships of trust in cities.

The school will offer three branches, one in Amsterdam, one in Athens and a Nomadic branch for trainees in other european cities and is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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Open Call

Apply now to become part of Trust in Play – the European School of Urban Game Design!

Are you interested in taking on a major role in the design of urban games and playful experiences in the near future? Are you a recent graduate or emerging cultural practitioner in game & interaction design, urban planning & architecture, activism, art or a related field?

Become a trainee of Trust in Play! As a trainee, you will

  • join the international training week in Athens in Oct 2019 (travel expenses covered)
  • receive local and e-training by experts in urban game design, urban planning & cultural organisation as part of one of the three branches of the school (Amsterdam, Athens, and Nomadic)
  • create your own urban game in a small team with, mentorship, production & development support over the course of 1 year

Update: The open call has been closed and the first group of trainees has been selected.


Click here to apply before May 31

Open Call / Detailed Information

April 16, 2019 – launch Open Call
May 31, 2019 – close of Open Call (midnight CET)
June 17-21, 2019 – notification of results
September 2019– local meetups
October 29 – November 2, 2019 – International Training Week in Athens
Spring and summer 2020 – realization of your urban game project

Trust in Play supports emerging practitioners in forming a career out of making urban games and playful urban experiences. Benefits include enhancing your professional capacity (artistic and business skills) and acquiring the tools necessary to start working sustainably.

You will be part of an international community of urban game designers, artists, academics and cultural organizations with a basic goal to support your work and improve your financial sustainability. The school organisers actively involve experts with considerable experience in state of the art urban play projects, community-based artistic games and innovative playful experiences.

Are you a person who has the ambition to play a leading role in the design of urban playful experiences in the near future? We are looking for independent artists or game designers, but also creatives from a broader practice like, architects, urban designer and social innovators. Are you a recent graduate or emerging professional with experience in one of these fields, and do you want to further develop your skills to work in interdisciplinary (design) teams developing urban game design projects? If yes, then we’re looking for you!

As a selected trainee you will receive

  • a grant to support travel and daily allowance for the International Training Week in Athens in October 2019
  • ongoing training and support from local and international mentors, organized through your branch
  • the opportunity to be part of an active community of creative practitioners
  • production budget for projects realized in teams during the second half of the traineeship in 2020 (around 3500€ per project)


Please note the school can only provide financial support to trainees based in Europe.

We expect that you are committed to follow the program as a whole, which is structured around the research, conceptualization, design, testing, implementation and documentation of an urban game. This means that you will attend training sessions, collaborate locally in small teams throughout the production process and plan regular meetups with mentors and fellow-trainees.

As a trainee, you commit to

  • attend a local kick-off meeting of your branch
  • attend the International Training Week in Athens in October 2019
  • attend monthly meetings with mentors and co-trainees locally / digitally
  • collaborate in a small team towards the design, production and documentation of an urban game, to be premiered locally in public space in the spring / summer of 2020, under guidance of the mentors in your branch
  • Have fun!

Participating in Trust in Play – European School of Urban Game Design is free of charge.

Trainees will be selected by the school organizers after filling out this online form

Trust in Play will offers training across three different branches:

  • The Amsterdam branch, supported by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences,
  • The Athens branch, supported by Innovathens, Technopolis City of Athens and Resilient Athens
  • The Nomadic branch, supported by EDGERYDERS community

The school does not cover traveling expenses apart from the ones for the International Training week in Athens. Applicants from Amsterdam or Athens should choose one of the two branches in order to participate in the local training and events. If you are located in another european city and you are able to work online, you should choose the nomadic branch.

International Training Week

International Trust in Play Training Week

The Trust in Play school year kicks off with a 5-day intensive training event in Athens, which includes master classes from partner experts on key issues related to methodology, artistic and community approaches, game design and development tools, financing, production, business management and promotion for the urban games creation sector.

Dates: Oct 29 – Nov 2
Location: Technopolis, Athens

All accepted trainees in the school will travel to the training week. In addition, there is a limited amount of places for people who would like to join independently at their own expense. If you’re interested in joining, please drop us a line at

If you are an organization that wants to help us with scholarship or you have professionals that could be interested in participating in the Training week, please write at – we are actively looking to enlarge our community.

School Organisers

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach. The Goethe-Institut Athen is the oldest Goethe-Institut worldwide – it operates in the heart of Athens as a vibrant center of education and culture. Founded in 1952, it has developed strong and long-standing ties within the local and regional cultural sector and its relevant. It’s cultural and educational program strengthens the development of structures in civil society, foster worldwide mobility as well as collaborations with partners on the local culture scene stakeholders. Goethe-Institut branch-office Athens spearheads the TRUST IN PLAY project.

Iris Asimakopoulou, Project Coordinator
Matoula Koutsari, Project Coordinator
Sebastian Quack, Artistic Director
Maria Saridaki, Artistic Director

The Play & Civic Media research group explores play, games and other pervasive technologies to address societal challenges. It focuses particularly on the use of playful interactions that enhance participation, social cohesion, group dynamics and empowerment.

The Master’s program in Digital Design is a studio-based initiative that connects exploratory design with industry and civic partners. Starting from a Research through Design / Making approach, lecturers and students apply digital technologies to address a range of societal issues.

Urban spaces are a prime area of interest for Play & Civic Media, and Digital Design. Recent projects have addressed – among others – blockchain-based systems to manage common resources, pervasive storytelling for urban inclusion, and games for participatory design.

Play & Civic Media has co-organized the CHI Play and Games for Cities conferences in 2017, and will organize the Media Architecture Biennale in 2020.

Martijn de Waal
Gabriele Ferri
Tamara Dobler

EdgeRyders is a community-driven organization operating across different countries, with over 4000 change makers collaborating on an open Internet platform (

We apply community building tools and methodologies to harness citizens’ smarts and creativity into more sustainable collective projects than the initiatives alone. We convene social innovators, artists, free technologists, sustainability thinkers, researchers and citizens from all walks of life; invite them to share their work openly online; meet and support them through offline activities to work together across borders in order to learn faster and build more impactful projects.

Game design and urban topic are one of the things that we’ve explored with our community on the past and the two more active member on it are the team that we will facilitate the Nomad branch.

Matteo Uguzzoni, Project manager
Natalia Skoczylas, Community manager
Noemi Salantiu, Fundraising and Institutional relationship

Technopolis City of Athens is a unique cultural complex in the heart of Athens that transformed a rare industrial monument into the most vibrant, multicultural space, attracting more than one million visitors per year. It promotes art and culture, music, education, innovation and entrepreneurship.

INNOVATHENS is the Hub of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Technopolis City of Athens. It offers a dynamic space open to startups, creative people, research community and relevant institutions and aims at boosting entrepreneurial activity through training, networking events and business support with its’ Business Accelerator.

Antonis Oikonomou
Konstantina Zachari
Olympia Exarchou

Resilient Athens, aka The Resilience and Sustainability Department of the City of Athens, is engaged in the promotion of urban resilience and sustainability. Devoted to a more open, proactive, vibrant and greener city, the department designs eco-social policies that tackle chronic stresses and acute shocks that threaten the City and its residents, and orchestrates collaborative actions between citizens, communities, institutions and organizations for their implementation, in favor of social inclusion and cohesion and environmental sustainability.

Lenio Myrivili, anthropologist, Deputy Mayor for Urban Nature, Urban Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation at City of Athens
Yorgos Samantas, anthropologist/ locative media art
Mary Saradari,Office Manager on European Projects collaborating with the Resilient and Sustainability Office at Municipality of Athens.

Trust in Play Application Form

How to apply:

Step 1 – Post a hello message on our discussion platform to introduce yourself and tell a short story about your work (choose from: your best project, the time you messed up, where you trusted in something or someone)

Step 2 – Put together a PDF showcasing 2-3 relevant projects you have worked on and your cv (max 5 pages)

Step 3 – To complete your application, fill out the form

Application Form

Trust in Play is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


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