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CITIES Revealed

UrbiLudi: Viviana Cordero, Konstantinos Kekkas, Marina Kyriakou, Michalis Lygkiaris, Lydia Manitsidou, Theodora Papadimitriou, Sarah Schalk

an urban exploration game

Cities Revealed is an urban exploration game. Two players in two different cities connect with one another through a chatbot and share their urban perception via photos.

How does the game work?
Both players use an identical group of words to frame their urban explorations in photos. The captured photos from the two different cities represent the same words… or at least that is what the players intent. Their point of view might be extremely different or the same as their companion’s.

Identifying and selecting common words, is the only way to figure out if they connect with one another.

You never know; you might find your urban soul-mate.

How to Play: Just search for “Cities Revealed” on Telegram or click here.

The Team: UrbiLudi is an urban games design team with members of various professional backgrounds (e.g. creative sector, architecture, urban design, business administration and legal sector), who combine their knowledge and practices to create games that connect people across the globe. UrbiLudi’s work focuses on the usage of urban space and the different concepts surrounding it. Its team members come from four different countries (Greece, Ecuador, Austria and Cyprus) and first met thanks to the Trust in Play program.

Kostas, the ‘Link’. Our point of focus, the one with the freshest ideas, playful mood and a unique capacity to bridge our different personalities and cultural backgrounds.

Lydia, the ‘Swiss blade’, An architect who could be crowned the queen of multitasking and multiple talents. She helps the team in so many ways one couldn’t even start to name. 

Marina, the ‘Flâneuse’. An architect and an urban explorer, she is fascinated by the activation of public spaces to make them safe and accessible to everyone. She embodies sensitivity.

Michalis, the ‘Artistic Pathfinder’. He traces our course through form and content, towards creative expression. It usually takes him a while, but he finds the way eventually.

Sarah, the ‘Troubleshooter’. With a background in media design, philosophy and physics she finds solutions to insolvable problems.

Theodora, the ‘Out-of-the-box Mage’. Her unique-diverse approach and keen eye for details, constantly helps us when evidence based decision making is necessary.  

Viviana, the exotic ‘Urban Warrior’. She fights for justice and fun in our cities with weaponry which includes compassion, love, unique creativity, and an extraordinary set of life skills.

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Trust in Play is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


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