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Alleen Normaal

Vitor Freire, Viviana Cordero, Olina Terzi

A game to question urban stereotypes and the role of technology in citie

How would you feel if technology were to review your housing application? Alleen Normaal is a new living concept for Amsterdam that questions urban stereotypes, contradictions and the role of technology in cities.

Allen Normaal is a parafiction game concept using the housing application process as the medium, and a new living proposition as its premise. “Only normal” relates with the Dutch cultural expression “being normal” (doe normaal), an attempt to value normalcy, very often used as a reaction in face of what is not considered as standard Dutch behavior. This melting pot of normalcy, colonial hangover, and the friction with new liberal desires of inclusiveness felt like a great space to bring into play.

Inside the application process, participants are invited to share and react to their own dreams and assumptions about topics like housing, sharing, neighborhood, trust, and privacy. By blending surreal (horoscope) and aspirational (location of your dream house) variables into the process, a playful conversation between the participants and the Al character emerges. 

Designer bios:

Vitor Freire is a creative director and choreographer of experiences. His work explores narrative uses of design and technology. He holds a Masters in Interactive Communications (ITP) from New York University. He is based in Amsterdam heading the creative studio Imagination of Things.

Viviana Cordero is working daily to plan cities hand in hand with children and add play to the urban environment. She is a lawyer and urban planning specialist, driven by the concepts of social and environmental justice. Founding Member of Huasipichanga.

Olina Terzi is a digital transformation designer based in Amsterdam. With a background in architecture and community engagement, she designs urban and public services that harness technology for public good.

Trust in Play is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


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