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Giulia Gualtieri, Gavin Wood & Tomo Kihara

A multiplayer game where you hold phones together to make a human snake. 

Snake.City is a multi-player experience inspired by the classic mobile Snake game. The game is played in a public space with friends where you connect together by holding one side of your mobile phone and one side of someone else’s phone. The aim of the game is to move around together while trying to hold on to your snake for as long as possible.

The game has very few formal rules, and we hope you will make many rules up as you go along. You might decide to go fast or move very slowly. Will you play fair or will you be cunning and try to catch your friends out with a sudden turn or jump? Maybe you might even find time to dance as you join Snake.City.

Head over to to join the game!

Giulia Gualtieri is a passionate urban designer with the aim of creating more inclusive and playful public spaces for all.

Gavin Wood is a researcher and games developer interested in digital outdoor play and game design. Gavin has a computer games label and blog called BaaWolf.

Tomo Kihara is a designer and a developer making products that challenges social problems in a playful manner.

Trust in Play is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


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