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Question Answering Machine

Jonah Senzel & Katerina Magarini
booth montaz

Question Answering Machine is a living archive of playful answers and interactions

Question Answering Machine is a long term art installation using a public phone, in which participants record their responses to questions, and hear previous recordings of those who have used the phone before, allowing for playful interaction between strangers in the same physical space but at different places in time. The installation documents ideas, secrets, and directions of the local community in a living archive of the area.

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Through this archive we allow players to glimpse other people’s experience of the space, listening to their personality, perspectives, and stories surrounding the site. (Participants are guided through the experience by recorded instructions, and navigate with the phone’s keypad.) QAM exists as a mobile installation, a permanent installation at Victoria Square Project in Athens, and a permanent installation within a reclaimed Phone Booth in Kipseli Square in Athens (both permanent installations to be installed in fall 2020).

Trust in Play is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


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