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Getting ready for Trust in Play Training Week in Athens

Sunday, 8th of September 2019, Maria Saridaki

One of the pivotal cornerstones of Trust in Play project is the International Training Week in Athens. This experience will allow all branches and school organisers to meet up for a week and offer training sessions and playful experiences. The space that will host this training week, will be Innovathens, an integrated hub supporting Innovation and Creative Industries, of the Municipality of Athens

As the weeks are approaching, TiP school organisers are all working hard to design and offer a unified experience to trainees of the three school branches and independent participants traveling from different corners of the world, to meet in Athens.

Early on we decided that apart from our 30 official TiP trainees in the Amsterdam, Athens and Nomadic branch we would also give the opportunity to 40 independent participants to join the training week on their own expenses. We hope that this interdisciplinary group of highly motivated and creative individuals will spark more interesting discussions and experiences on public space, game design and trust and will lead in the formation of a vibrant community.

The design of this training experience will be based on different levels of trust, starting up with a two days sessions and workshops from our experts to the TiP participants and continuing with a much more horizontal organisation with an unconference and a game jam. The main scope behind this educational design is to show trust to the knowledge, expertise and instinct of every participant, allowing them to create sessions and offer experiences, leading up to a game design experience that will bring all their talents and skills into the spotlight. Our hope is to not only bring together a community but allow discussion on the realities and possibilities of being an urban artist and urban games designer in europe and around the globe.

Trust in Play is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


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